Gone Terrastockin’


I really, really hate to (barely) post and run but I’m going to be at Terrastock all weekend and won’t have time to post anything in-depth until I get back. Sadly, I missed the most excellent Tanakh this evening (who schedules a band for 5:25 in the evening, I ask you?!) so I’m determined to see as much as possible tomorrow. Charalambides and Damon & Naomi chief among them. (I’m also really looking forward to Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Black Forest/Black Sea, Kemialliset Ystävät, and Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood…)

I promise a real post next time! Have a good weekend, y’all…

MP3Tanakh, “Still Trying to Find You Home” [Available from Alien8]

MP3Charalambides, “Now The Day Is Over” [Available from Wholly Other]


Dark Days


Terrastock 2006


  1. Awesome blog.

  2. For your amusement:

    Tanakh is the acronym that Jews use to idenfity the three parts of the Hebrew Bible.


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