La Brune et Moi


In conjunction with Rock En Scope & Bardot A Go Go, I’ve arranged a screening of Philipe Puicouyoul ‘s incredibly rare, long thought lost gem of Gallic punk -rock histoire, La Brune et Moi, filmed (appropriately enough) in a week and a day, just long enough to capture the white-hot flash of Parisian punk before it burned out.

Old Time Relijun promise to throw some French pop songs into their set, to keep with the Gallic theme. If you’re in the area, stop by. It’s going to be a great show and plenty of entertainment value for a mere $6. (And don’t forget to buy the birthday girl a La Cubana at the bar! 😉

As for music, I sadly don’t have anything by Go-Go Pigalles (what a fantastic name!), Astroflash, or Edith Nylon. Hell, I don’t even have any Metal Urbain, which is an oversight I must rectify one of these days. Instead, I’m giving you one more from Old Time Relijun (this off the K comp Selector Dub Narcotic, from 1998) and a real rarity —a collaboration between John Zorn, Steve Beresford, David Toop, and Tonie Marshall from a Nato Records compilation circa 1992. It’s got this absolutely amazing, really ominous, Weegee vibe. Dig that screeching sax!


MP3Old Time Relijun, “Siren”

MP3Zorn/Beresford/Marshall/Toop, “Jayne Mansfield”



Roxy Music




  1. I have Edith Nylon’s first LP and it’s WONDERFUL. Totally awesome. I sent info about this film to some folks in NYC who may set up a screening here. Anyway, yes, you should buy the Metal Urbain CD, as well as the Metal Boys CD and the Doctor Mix and the Remix CD.

    • I’m not having any luck finding the CD reissue of Edith Nylon, but there’s always vinyl…

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