Detestable Summer Festival Edition


The past week has been busy and decidedly un-bloggy. C’est la vie. I’ve been listening to some very good music, just haven’t been struck by the urge to write about it. Also, c’est la vie.

Sunday afternoon I’m off to Cambridge, MA to see Kristin Hersh at Mark Sandman’s old studio, Hi & Dry. She’ll be joined by her 50 Foot Wave confreres, Bernard Georges and Rob Ahlers, and the extra-special addition of string duo the McCarricks, who weren’t able to make Hersh’s last Boston date back in April due to Visa woes. This time they’ll be there, and it’ll undoubtedly be very special indeed.

There’s a whole spate of amazing and/or surprising shows coming up, too. Let’s see: there’s Jandek at the Boston ICA on June 8th (couldn’t ask for a better venue), These Are Powers at Machines with Magnets Studio in Pawtucket on June 14th. June 23rd is the most surprising show of all: AR Kane.

Yeah, you heard me.

AR freaking KANE playing one show only (as far as I know) at Faison Firehouse in Harlem at 8 PM. A mere $10. It’s part of the URBNALT Festival, and since I can’t get their website to work (hopefully they’re working on that) I’d urge you to look at NYPress for more info.

You know, just a year ago news of a JANDEK show would have been the jaw-dropping item in this litany. Now it’s practically like, “Oh, another one?”

You can buy AR Kane tickets here.

Throwing Music | Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jandek/ | Jandek On Corwood[incredible documentary about jandek’s work] | AR Kane [unofficial MySpace page] | These Are Powers

MP3Jandek, “Nancy Sings”

MP3AR Kane, “Butterfly Collector”



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  1. James

    Well, if Nancy were to show up and sing, *then* the Jandek concert would be one for history books…

    • With Jandek, anything could happen. Who knows –he could send an imposter in his stead, like Rick Moody and Andy Warhol used to do…

      • James

        Maybe he will send Mr. Sterling Smith, representative of Corwood Industries, in his place…

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