Snow Blanket


Here on the east coast we’ve had the most schizophrenic winter. It can be relatively balmly one week, and freezing the next. Today the temperature is in the teens. In honor of winter’s reappearance, I’ve put together a little winter mix of twelve songs. I’ve also created a PDF CD sleeve that you can print out and assemble into a nice little CD envelope. (Just cut out, glue along the angled flaps, then seal.)

The zip file is 77 mbs; I’ve also included three sample MP3s.


• “Turn the Heater On”, New Order

• “Noon Chill”, Arto Lindsay

• “Myrsky Laulu”, Kuupuu

• “Clouds”, Spires That In The Sunset Rise

• “It’s Cold In Space”, Jessamine

• “Snow”, Lida Husik

• “Lines Low to Frozen Ground”, Hood

• “Still Feels Like Tears”, Broadcast

• “The Very Eye Of Night”, Teiji Ito

• “Disquiet”, Lubos Fiser

• “Hot Springs On The Snow”, The Creatures

• “Snows Past,” The Lowest Note


MP3New Order, “Turn the Heater On” [from The Peel Sessions]

MP3Teiji Ito, “The Very Eye Of Night” [from Music for Maya, Tzadik 2007]

MP3The Lowest Note, “Snows Past” [from WOOF 7 Inches, Ad Hoc 2006]

MP3”Snow Blanket” [zipped file of MP3s, 77 MB]


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  1. It totally just made my day to learn that somebody else out there (in Rhode Island no less) likes the Valerie and Her Week of Wonders soundtrack.

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