No More Bush Tour in New Haven

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Wow, I had no intention of going so very AWOL from this for so long. My apologies. I’ll try and get back in the swing of things this month. Before that, though, I have a quick show announcement for any New Haven-based readers. Cafe Nine is playing host to some friends of Ecstatic Peace, Thurston Moore’s label based in Northampton, MA, tomorrow night (August 5th). His Northampton Wools associate, Bill Nace, will be playing a short set with Jacqui Ham (UT/Dial). Readings and performances will include: Byron Coley, Jack Rose, Zaika and Paul Flaherty, 50 Ft. Women and Axolotl, all in celebration of the imminent end of the Bush era. (I’ll drink a hearty toast to that.)

The show starts at 8pm, $8 cover. For more info, visit Cafe Nine, 250 State St., New Haven CT.



Happy 4th of July!


Sweet Rotting Memories

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  1. James

    I attended the NYC show at the Knitting Factory last night (50 Ft Woman, Jack Rose, Cody Ranaldo’s duo, MV/EE). The audience was 30 people at most (and less than that by the end of the show).

    Nonetheless, it was a terrific experience (strangest and most enjoyable moment: Gary Panter, yes the cartoonist, singing the Beach Boys’ “I’m Bugged At My Old Man” in ‘honor’ of Dubya).

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