Brighton group Ebsen and the Witch are a rather mysterious lot, all sepia-toned and wintry on their Myspace page. (Which is to say, I know next to nothing about them.) Today they released a limited edition single as part of the newly-reinvigorated too pure singles club—which is reason enough for me to pay attention to them. Reason #2 is a recommendation from none other than producer Mark van Hoen —always a sign of something wonderful going on.

Like the fog, this track tip-toes in on little cat feet. But it gathers in power as it goes along, turning into a storming, fuzz-drenched, JAMC-by-way-of-Phil-Spector-before-he-went-completely-psycho delight. (How I love bands that harken back to the glory days of shoegaze.)

The song’s mix of delicacy and power brings to mind Sian Alice Group, the Cocteaus (all those ringing guitars), with dreamy echoes of Julee Cruise, Beach House. Thematically, this is akin to AC Marias’ “One of Our Girls (Has Gone Missing)” —taking the dramatic ending of The Awakening as a starting point, a new beginning. (Like the book, both songs are melancholy but hopeful too.)

Welcome back, too pure, Kick my ass again with something this great, I dare ya.

MP3Esben and the Witch, “Lucia at the Precipice”