Watching this blurry yet riveting footage of Lydon/Levene/Wobble era makes me wonder what P.I.L. mach 2010 could possibly have to offer. Despite the reliable backing of mssrs. Lu Edmonds (Mekons), Bruce Smith (Pop Group, Slits) and Scott Firth, Lydon himself has bloated into an increasingly unknown quantity. Where did the incisive, self-critical Lydon of “Public Image” and “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs” go? To paraphrase the redoubtable Tim Gunn, I worry about his taste level.

In all likelihood my curiosity will win out and I’ll be there, front row and center, for P.I.L.’s Providence show at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel on May 9th. Tickets on sale March 26. Be there or cry into your limited-edition Metal Box tin.

Or, like former drummer Martin Atkins, make brownies.

MP3Public Image Limited, “Public Image”