Last week, producer Mark van Hoen broke the news that legendary band Seefeel would be reuniting after 15 years.

Seefeel was part of the flowering of avant-garde electronica in the early 90s. Experimental and deconstructed, the movement bubbled up in parallel —and in contrast— to the boisterous, self-congratulatory BritPop movement.

Here’s what vocalist and guitarist Sarah Peacock had to say about the reunion:

There’ll be an LP and an EP (no titles decided yet) — it’s not quite finished. We’re signing to Warp again and it should be coming out late summer.It’s just me and Mark from the originals; with Justin in Northampton and Darren in Kuala Lumpur rehearsals would be a problem. Filling in are Shige ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg) on bass and E-da Kasuhisa (Boredoms) on drums. I’d recommend checking the Seefeel Myspace page for news (they often get it before me!).

We’re hoping to get some festival dates between now and then (should be doing Primavera in Spain on May 27th), and certainly would like to tour but nothing’s arranged yet.

That’s about all there is at the moment, I’ll keep you posted!

I for one can’t wait.

MP3Seefeel, “Time to Find Me”