Are you one of those people who thought that Tanya Donelly’s ‘90s band Belly called it quits far too soon? Well, you are in luck, because the band has just announced—in one giddy fell swoop—a reunion tour this summer. Oh, and the band’s official site hints at new material. Oh, and there’s new merch!

We’ll give you a moment to compose yourself. I already shrieked like a lunatic when I heard the news, back in early December. (I’ve kept it to myself, although it was T-O-U-G-H, especially since news of the Lush reunion has stoked obvious questions about which-4AD-bands-will-be-next.)

Here is the band’s official statement:

Belly is very happy to announce that we will be reuniting to play some shows this coming summer in the US and the UK. Dates will be announced as they are confirmed, but right now we can tell you with relative confidence that the UK shows will fall in the middle of July, and US shows will be scattered throughout August and possibly into September.

We’ve also got a handful of brand new Belly songs in various stages of writing and recording, that we’ll be releasing one by one over the next few months. First previews will be on the website.

In the meantime: new swag! We’ve got a couple beautiful new t’s and other extras designed by Chris Gorman, with more to come.

Please keep checking the site, as we will be updating it regularly with news and information (and music).

We are very excited to be playing together again, and hope to see you out there in Summer of 2016!

2016 Belly will look a lot like the King version of the band, as follows:

  • Tanya Donelly: Vocals/guitar
  • Tom Gorman: Guitar
  • Gail Greenwood: Bass and vocals
  • Chris Gorman: Drums and percussion

The dream of the ‘90s is alive and well. Look for tour dates and song previews from the band soon! Follow @bellytheband on Twitter to join the conversation.

King-era photo of BELLY.

Belly, L-R: Bassist Gail Greenwood, guitarist Tom Gorman, singer/songwriter/guitarist Tanya Donelly, and drummer Chris Gorman. | Photo: Stephen DiRado