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    Can Can Heads is a band from Finland, heavily influenced by No Wave, Skronk, Free Jazz, Hardcore Punk, all things noisy. The latest full length, Butter Life LP (edition of 300) was originally released on 03/14/2014 by Karkia Mistika Records/Verdura Records/Bottom of the Pops. A small cassette edition of 100 copies was released on 10/24/2015. You can stream it in its entirety at our bandcamp page:

    Too Numb to Step video:

    Breakdiscodance video:

    Piece Movement/Moose Pavement video:

    A bunch of reviews Butter Life received during 2014, collected here in our facebook page

    Please remember also the more recent digital releases in Bandcamp
    Can Can Heads is Ruining the Classics
    King Dong Kong (Silber Records)

    Can Can Heads is a nest of contradictions, twists and surprises. It’s violent music with a gentle heart. The band’s front man doesn’t sing. Or play an instrument. He occupies the space on stage where a lead singer usually resides. And gyrates. Generally, the bass is as close as the band gets to a lead instrument. The music is convulsive and jerky, but manages to reach a hypnotic state. It’s like tribal music made by a quintet consisting of misfits and contrarians. Hailing from a barn in the flood-prone flatlands of Bothnia in western Finland, Can Can Heads has been kicking against the pricks for over two decades. They’ve managed to avoid all contact with the roaming searchlights of media attention by skulking from one margin to another: punk, no wave, free jazz, noise. All this goes into a blender and out comes something the band itself tends to call “Ramones meets Albert Ayler”. Others might call it skronk. Butter Life is not smooth and it’s not creamy. It sizzles and scrapes, raking its lo-fi nails from your scapula down to the small of your back. (Arttu Tolonen)

    With kind regards,
    Tomi Nuotio
    Helsinki, Finland

  2. Little Johnny Bowling Ball

    Lida Husik is playing in Oakland, California at the Stork Club on June 11th 2017. Check out the flyer for the Festival of Fiestas on her facebook page.

  3. I Heart Noise

    Dear Andrea:

    My name is Ilya and I noticed that you conducted an interview with Leah Callahan about 10 years ago

    We’re putting a reissue of Leah’s old band Turkish Delight and I’d love to forward over a link your way

    Thank you


    I Heart Noise / Boston Becomes Eclectic

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