Al Forno owners George Germon & Johanne Killeen

In Memoriam: George Germon, 1945-2015

“Providence has a great history, and the deeper you get into it, the more you love it.” –George Germon

Back in 2008, I was lucky enough to work near the future location of Tini’s, which was the much-buzzed about sequel of sorts to Al Forno, the restaurant that (almost single-handedly) put Providence on the culinary map.

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Lightning Bolt at the Roundhouse, London, Spring 2015.

Taking On Providence’s Wunderground

The October issue of Take Magazine fixes its lens on the weird, many-headed hydra that is the Providence noise scene.

Writer Phil Eil (formerly news editor of the much-missed Providence Phoenix, where I also cut my teeth) admits straight away that the multivalent topic “could be a book,” and that the “scene is complex and unclassifiable — but important to acknowledge.” [The piece is print-only, but Eil has written a colorful intro here.]

With only 2,400 words to pin down a multidisciplinary, slippery beast, he makes the canny decision to present discrete moments in time — snapshots in Technicolor.

I talked to Phil for the piece, and did my best to paint a picture of how the scene “was just a balance of chaos and community,” as AS220’s Dave Dvorchak puts it.

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We love Lush (artwork from a fanclub zine)

We Love Lush! (Reunion)

A week ago, Emma Anderson sent out a cryptic tweet that immediately went viral: “Seven days.”

And, like clockwork, the Lush reunion was announced today, along with 4ad’s news of an albums-and-rarities box set and vinyl reissue of singles collection Ciao!

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