When I’m having a good day, I often find myself humming this song.

I guess I had a good day today.

Minxus were an odd lot. They never quite gelled as a band —their lone album, Pabulum [Too Pure], had a couple of marvelous songs on it but seemed on the whole a bit thin. But then, live performance was more their arena. Given that the band was led by the impossibly monikered Mod goddess She Rocola (who looked as though she’d just stepped out of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill), you’d hardly expect some sepia-toned aural wallpaper. No, the music of Minxus had the superb whiff of grindhouse sleaze, with Rocola’s brassy vocals riding the mondo trasho tide of squalling guitars and a smoking rhythm section provided by Miss Rocola and Flaming Star Joe Whitney.

Also, I love bands with theme songs. Every band should have one!


I’m off to Boston to see His Name Is Alive and Low. I’ll be back next week with some surprises. Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

MP3Minxus, “Minxus” [right-click-save-as, s’il vous plaît]

More info on She Rocola’s whereabouts here: The She Rocola Revue