My article on No Wave is now online here. I’m most proud of the fact that I got a photo of UT in there. (And James Chance made the cover! Twice!) (Arts AND News, y’see.)

I don’t have much to add to that right now, although I’ll be back later in the week with more No Wave-related posts (including some rare tracks!). I leave you with three versions of “Contort Yourself.” I’d hate to be called upon to name a favorite out of these… It’s one of those songs that delights in just about any iteration. I might be partial to the spastic, aggro Contortions version but then I hear Optimo’s cheeky remix and wonder… (Does anyone else hear both Sidi Bou Said AND Disco Inferno in there or is it just me?)

A tip of the hat to the incomparable Mr. Chance.

For more information on NO WAVE consult your local Wikipedia & the delightful NY NO WAVE ARCHIVE. + Soul Jazz will hook ya up. More Optimo remxes can be found at Optimo.co.uk.


MP3Contortions, “Contort Yourself” [right-click-save-as, s’il vous plaît]

MP3James White & the Blacks, “Contort Yourself”

MP3“Contort Yourself (Optimo/Twitch Remix”


One of our girls (has gone missing)


Dark Days


  1. i just saw this site the other day for the first time! i was going to wait to comment until i had something more interesting to say, but that could take a while. so while i’m thinking about it, a. the whole thing looks gorgeous and b. there’s lots of really, really interesting stuff here.

    • A)Thank you! And b)thank you!

      I should have a lot more with UT over the next week. (And you always have something interesting to say!)

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