By all rights I should be posting a review of Sunday night’s wonderful Tara Jane O’Neil/ Lisa Germano show. But I’m not. The review is unfinished and I’m too freaking tired at the moment to polish it up. I should hang up a “Gone Fishin’” sign or something.

Instead, I’ll post the best song you’ve never heard, Ruth’s “Thriller.”

I need to write a real post about the incredible Ruth album in its entirety. But for now I’ll leave it a surprise and let you discover it for yourself.

I myself found it languishing in a corner of my former office, covered with a thick veneer of dust. I cleaned it off, popped it into iTunes, and became completely obsessed with it in less than the time it took to listen to this one song. (For the record, the rest of the album is just as good.)

Sadly, this is super out-of-print. Why, I have no idea. It can occasionally be found via GEMM or ebay. Muller is still writing under the name Ilitch and has a new album imminent. (It is as “Ilitch” that he shows up on the infamous Nurse with Wound List.)

Thierry Müller/Ilitch. New album “Lena’s Life and Other Stories” out shortly. | Ruth is featured on a new compilation of French synth pop called “BIPPP” [Born Bad Records France). You can store it right next to your copy of “So Young But So Cold”

PS: This WFMU compilation is almost too good to be true. So many points for Blurt, Furious Pig, Nancy Sesay & the Melodaires and of course the Flying Lizards. Happiness. Go download it!!

MP3Ruth, “Thriller”


No Sound Is Heard


Marie Antoinette: Your Cassette Pet


  1. The Duke of Sweet Cheeks

    That’s just wrong you would share something like that when it’s out of print.

    So wrong.

  2. I’m always been so glad you introduced me to Ruth — I really love this song! I’m pleased you’re spreading the love even further with this post!

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