Belgian singer Catherine Jauniaux’s fascinating vocalizations run the stylistic gamut from traditional French chansons to breathy folk to Dadaistic glossolalia. Music for the Merzbau, her colorful Cabaret Voltaire sensibility is fearlessly expressionistic, melding avant-garde techniques and lyrical inventiveness with a robust (and Surreal) sense of humor. Well known for her work with her late husband Tom Cora (she appeared with the Ex on their 1991 album Scrabbling at the Lock) and collaborations with Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson, she’s playing a rare NYC show tonight at 8PM. It’s at the Issue Project Room ’s new(ish) space in the OA Can Factory, 3rd Street, Brooklyn.

I’ll be there in spirit, if not in actuality.

catherineThere will be two sets: 1st set at 8PM with Hahn Rowe (Hugo Largo) and Ned Rothenberg on guitar, electronics, and reeds; 2nd with Marc Ribot and David Linton, again mixing guitar, electronics, and projections.

“A Divine Image” is from Jauniaux and Hodgkinson’s 1983 collaboration Fluvial. “Naiwabi” was originally released on Hodgkinson and Bill Gilonis’s own Woof imprint; both albums have been re-issued by ReRUSA subsidiary Ad Hoc.

Friday August 24th 2007
Issue Project Room
The (OA) Can Factory

232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

8pm | $15 both shows

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MP3Catherine Jauniaux, “A Divine Image”

MP3The Lowest Note, “Naiwabi”