Scarce-Threadwax94Providence trio Scarce have the kind of chemistry lesser bands would kill for. Lead singer Chick Graning’s whiskey-soaked rasp and hook-laden, dense guitar work is beautifully matched by bassist Joyce Raskin’s sinewy basslines and boundless energy. And let’s not forget powerhouse drummer Joe Propatier.

Over the decade and a half of their existence, the band have been through more Spinal Tap bullshit and drama than most (as chronicled in Joyce’s memoir, Aching to Be: A Girl’s True Rock N’ Roll Story). Thankfully, they’re emerged from the other side a better band. Just back from a whirlwind tour of Europe and Canada, they’re having their record release party forTattoos and Parades and Yesterdays, an aptly-named collection of new songs and old favorites, tonight at Cambridge club TT the Bear’s. Doors at 8:30. Triple Thick and Wheat open. $10.

You can pick up the new CD at the show, or order it through their Myspace.

More with Joyce Raskin here.

MP3Scarce, “All Sideways” (from the Red EP, 1995)

MP3Scarce, “Dozen” (from the Red EP, 1995)