Dial’s latest release is NOISE OPERA (2016).

Experimental noise group DIAL release their latest, NOISE OPERA, on Bandcamp.

Dial, the experimental noise rock band of Jacqui Ham (UT), Rob Smith (ex-God) and Dom Weeks (Furious Pig, Het) will release a new album Noise Opera on their own Cede record label on March 15th 2016 through Bandcamp.

Dial have also moved their catalogue — infraction (1996), Distance Runner (2000), 168k (2007) and Western Front (2012) — to Bandcamp and plan a series of releases in 2016 starting with Noise Opera on March 15, followed on April 15th by Sea Blues, the first solo album by guitarist and drum programmer Rob Smith.

Dial live at Venlo

Dial live at Venlo

Here’s what I said about their previous releases, which stand as exquisitely harsh and beautiful abstract noise classics:

The music is immense in both scale and space. Exploiting tape hiss and the pitted, low-end patina of electrical interference, what is initially apocalyptically skuzzy-sounding becomes, via droning repetition and haunted keening, nearly sepulchral. (By which I mean it’s pretty damn fantastic.)

Dial plan to release more material later in the year.