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Finished artwork for Belly's DOVE LP and FEEL 10" EP, 2018.

Dove: Behind the Artwork for Belly’s New Album


When Belly reunited in 2016 after 20+ years, they didn’t waste time hinting that they might have new material in the works.

Initially, the band floated the idea of an EP. But at some point, they clarified that the songs they were happily toiling away at in the Rock n’Roll Control Center (AKA bassist Gail Greenwood and partner-in-crime Chil Mott’s vintage bungalow) had actually blossomed into a PROPER LP.

Dove, the first new Belly recording since 1995’s King, arrived this spring, and the band are now on a multi-prong tour across the US that extends into early October.

Rather than talk about Dove, hailed by Pitchfork as a “fusion of grace and force” and covered pretty extensively elsewhere, I asked the band to discuss the creative process behind the creation of the album’s artwork.

Belly ca. 2018 is a staunchly DIY effort — everything from social media to tour booking is being handled by the band, with a few exceptions. Artwork duties were undertaken by drummer Chris Gorman, who contributed photos to all the Belly releases put out by 4AD/Sire in the 1990s, and Chil, who has for years been a design and production guru at Greenwood Associates. Take it away, Chris and Chil!

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Typical Girls + Unruly Women: The Story of the Slits

Slits documentary Q&A with Paloma McLardy (Palmolive) of the legendary bands the Slits & the Raincoats; journalist Jenn Pelly + author Rob Sheffield

Slits documentary Q&A with Paloma McLardy (Palmolive), Jenn Pelly + Rob Sheffield

I’m trying in vain to recall when I first heard the Slits. I am reasonably sure that I first heard OF them in Greil Marcus’ incredible book, “Lipstick Traces,” which weaves together iconoclastic moments in music, art, philosophy and history to create a kind of invisible history of the 20th century. (One of their first-ever recordings, “A Boring Life,” is featured on the book’s companion soundtrack, which is well worth tracking down if you can find it.)

When I DID finally hear them, I was not disappointed. In fact, the music quickly became essential to me, like air — in large part due to its fresh mix of rage, humor and incisive assessments of the way mainstream culture boxes women in.

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Turkish Delight play the Middle East, 1998

Turkish Delight: Detuned Dada

Turkish Delight reunion, 1998

Turkish Delight at the Middle East Upstairs, 1998. Photo + banner: Soledad Stratter

2017 has been a great year for reissues — from Kicking Giant to Ut — but I truly couldn’t contain my excitement when Boston label IHeartNoise decided to reissue Turkish Delight’s 1996 debut, “Tommy Bell,” on cassette.

When I lived in Boston, the Turks were an absolutely un-missable live band. Sometimes bands that are stellar live don’t quite translate on record (and vice versa), but TD captured their particular lightning-in-a-bottle with surprising regularity.

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